The 316


I have a passion for 45s: lovely moulded pieces of wax that are a dedication to an individuals hopes and dreams. They're an art form, and I've been using them for many years as a DJ and at home. I think they are the best way of playing music. Many 45s have a large central  hole designed to be played on a juke box, meaning that they require a 'centre' to be played on a turntable.

I have spoken to DJs and turntabalists across the world to fine down what is essential in using record centres for their genre. A super-heavy, close fitting piece enabling quick transitions is required, which is why I developed the 316.

The 316 is made from stainless steel 316, the best stainless steel available. It is durable, dense, heavy and 100% non magnetic.  

Each unit has been precision engineered to ensure that the fit of the outer circumference holds the record in place without wobble or gaps,  and the centre has been measured to fit precisely the spindle of a technics 1200/1210. This means that there is no movement of the record, allowing stability for juggling and scratching.

The 316 is super heavy, weighing in at 147 g each. The centres both hold the record stable and can also be used as a viable weight for those ever so special records you love to play but are slightly dished, helping the tune play through without lag.


The 316 is completely non-magnetic, unlike most stainless steels which have varying degrees of magnetism. It is also completely rust resistant.

To aid the DJ to make quick transitions, the 316 has a conical piece which allows the record to be placed without removing the centre. The cone allows for ease of record placement and acts as a guide for the record to sit snugly in place.


The 316 is competitively priced: please see ordering details for costings and shipping costs, including the option to personalise. Each unit is laser-etched with the 316 logo and has the option to be personalised with your own name and/ or logo. The gallery shows examples.